HAVtruck Junior

HAVtruck Junior


HAVtruck Junior is part of our patent-pending concept for non-contact dead fish handling.

HAVtruck Junior is one of the concepts in order to reasonably meet the need for personnel transport, and at the same time perform daily maintenance.

Larger vessels with crane capacity and dead fish handling are also offered, in layers with patented storage tanks.

  • Length 7.98 meters.

  • Equipped with Iveco 420 HP propulsion motor, connected to Hamilton watered HJ322.

  • Capstan 500kg

  • Silage tank of 1m3 with grinding and acid dosing. Connected to "Lift-up"? Systems, via silting, and straight in tank, dead fish are processed on site and further pumped to storage tank

  • Large speed potential, empty boat 35 knots, with silage 30 knots.

  • Unique flip-flop system

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