Visit of fish farmers from Canada

Thursday 26.06.14 a large delegation of fish farmers from all over the east coast of Canada visited Mundalgruppen.

The purpose of the visit was a desire to look at new technology, to find solutions to their daily challenges.

Interest in Mundalgruppen's solutions was great, and we are in dialogue with a number of the fish farmers.

Eivind Antoniazzi
Mundal Subsea is investing in the future...

To meet a growing market, Mundal Subsea now ordered a new 5-axis milling. This will be delivered and installed in June 2015. We will then have two operational mills, which will also cause that we are less vulnerable to downtime, service, etc.

Eivind Antoniazzi
New spray-pump for coating with Polyurea

More and more customers want a coating with Polyurea to protect their products against impact and mechanical damage. Mundal has done this kind of coating for several years.

We have now invested in a new pump for the application of Polyurea (Puracoat). We have chosen to go for a pump fromGraco, which is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of equipment.

RACTOR2 PUmaskin.jpg
Eivind Antoniazzi